Sell My Car On Finance

sell my car on finance

Can I Sell My Car on Finance ?

It is possible to sell a car on finance, however the process can get tricky and confusing, we would never suggest selling a vehicle that owes finance privately due to the legal ownership of the vehicle, this may not be the dealer your bought the vehicle from, but rather a finance company may of bought your vehicle from the dealer to finance to yourself, in this scenario the owner of the vehicle is the finance company.

Who will buy my vehicle on finance.

Sell My Car Essex offers to purchase vehicles on finance, meaning now you may be able to get more money than what was offered by your local dealer! note: Some finance companies require a minimum contract time, prior to selling, or clearing/ settling finance, please check with your finance company, further more Sell My Car Essex reserve the right to not proceed with a sale of a vehicle at our own discretion.

How Do I Sell My Car On Finance?

The first step to selling your vehicle will be to get a settlement figure from your finance company. This will let you know whether you are able to sell your vehicle ( still in contract ) and what is the total amount of money owed to the finance company for the vehicle. After this we recommend getting a free online vehicle valuation from us to see how much we could pay for your vehicle, at this point we may contact yourself, to discuss your vehicle and its’ finance (if not please contact us), to help aid in making your decisions as to whether you may want to keep your vehicle or sell it. It painful to say but in many cases the settlement figure (the amount of money owed to the finance company) may be more than the value of your vehicle, in which case a decision is to be made, whether you would like the pay the excess amount owed, i.e a vehicle we value at £200 but in order to buy the vehicle from the finance company a total total amount of £500 would need to be paid in full, in which case we would only pay the value of the vehicle, which would be £200 it, the other £300 shall be paid by yourself, for as it is the fiancé company that owns the vehicle not the name on the logbook.

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