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5 Future In-Car Innovations on Show at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

Modern vehicles are designed to provide much more than simply a means to travel between two locations. They are equipped with a host of modern amenities and gadgets. Many of these will soon be on display at the 2023 CES being held in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at five unique in-car innovations to appreciate where the entire industry may be headed.

True Surround-Sound Technology

One unique innovation involves an entirely new type of surround sound system that has been developed by Mercedes-Benz. Known as the Dolby Atmos, drivers and passengers alike will be provided with what can only be called a truly immersive audio experience (1).

Automated Vehicles

Vehicle automation is likewise soon to take centre stage. While leaving some controls in the hands of the driver, some new vehicles (such as the Sony Honda Mobility Line) will be outfitted with up to 45 internal and external cameras. These will help to autonomously pilot a vehicle within both urban and rural settings.

Screens as Opposed to Steering Wheels

Another interesting advancement comes in the form of how future cars may be driven. Interestingly enough, Peugeot has developed a type of tablet that might replace the traditional steering wheel (2). It is not yet clear what this technology involves or when it may be made available to the general public.

Onboard Karaoke

Enjoying a few rounds of karaoke could soon be taking on an entirely new experience. A company known as Singing Machine recently unveiled plans to install “intelligent” karaoke players within vehicles. The display screens of these players will automatically disengage when driving while the audio continues to play; providing a greater degree of safety while not sacrificing fun on the open road.

Improved Heads-Up Displays

While HUDs have existed for some time, a handful of manufacturers are utilising virtual reality (VR) in order to provide a more intuitive and simplified user experience. Holoride is one firm which remains at the forefront of this technology and it is thought that heads-up displays of the future could even replace legacy GPS systems.

These are only five of the numerous interesting concepts that could soon become realities. Are you thinking about upgrading your car to enjoy a more “modern” feel? If so, simply enter your registration number to receive a free valuation within seconds from Sell My Car Essex.