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Your preferable method of payment will be considered. Usual method of payment shall be that of Direct Bank Transfer and we will endeavor to process you payment with in one hour.   

Quite simple really, receive your valuation and book and appointment / vehicle inspection, during your appointment we will offer you a final price to purchase your car. If you agree to sell, we shall collect and pay for your car and we will handle all transferal paper work.

T&Cs apply

We ask that you have the Vehicle Registration Documentation (Log Book) and for it to be registered in the seller’s name. We also asked that the seller has a form of photographic identification and 1 proof of address, all proofs must correspond with that of the Vehicle Registration Documentation.

To help you get a better price for your car we recommend the following:

  • Have a full vehicle valet, including if necessary have the interior professionally cleaned .
  • If your car has less than 3 months MOT, get a new one.
  • Find all service booklets, service history, current MOT certificate.

A vehicle inspection is intended to appraise the vehicle and its’ condition this is so that we can offer an accurate purchase price which represents the condition of your vehicle.

In a vehicle inspection, we shall check: the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle, driving condition, roadworthiness, check for any mechanical faults, any warning light and that the vehicle has been well maintained.

NO! it is all included in our service and ever better you shall save time and money by not having to travel to any valuation / car buying centres!

We may decide to buy a car of fiance and shall be down to our discretion. If we do we shall pay the settlement figure to the owning finance company, and if there is any value remaining in the vehicle we shall pay this to the seller.

We may in some circumstances, however we recommend that you first contact us to discus your vehicle and reasoning for its’ fault, we may be able to help you out.

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