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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Sell My Car Essex

Why Us

Sell My Car Essex is an sincere and honest car buying site, we really do try our hardest to make sure that every seller gets the service and attention that they deserves. We pride our-self with excellent customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile making sure you have a pleasant selling experience. We use the latest valuating data to ensure that you receive an accurate valuation. We are the fast and friendly car buying site. 

Better Than Part Exchange

Our most recent prices paid have been far greater than that of part exchange values, meaning you will get more money for your car with us.

No Need To Travel

Why travel ,when there is just no need, Sell My Car Essex offers to travel to your location for a time that suits you, making for a convenient experience. 

No Admins fees

Unlike others will not not charge you any fees for us to pay you. No will we charge you admin fees for any paper work.

Instant Payment

Unlike others we pay instantly, we shall not take your car and make you wait days for your payment to clear. When we pay, we pay.

We Handle All Paper Work

We will handle all the transferal paper work free of charge, so there is one less thing to worry about.

No Obligation To Sell

Whether you are have a free valuation or you are having you car inspected, until you have accepted an offer you can stop at any moment.

Up To Date Valuation

We use the latest valuating data and market research to ensure that you get a bespoke and well tailored quote for your vehicle.  

Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you want to sell from your home, or from your work, we will work with you, because we value all of our customers.  

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We will be happy to hear from you.

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Kelvedon, Essex. UK

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With great customer satisfaction, a professional and helpful team standing by, we are sure that you will get the right price and attention for you and your car. Why go any where else. Sell you car today.