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How to Find the Cheapest Petrol/Diesel Prices in Your Area –The Best tools To Use

The prices of petrol and diesel keep fluctuating but are, overall, going in just one direction. When looking at the petrol or diesel prices in your area, you’ll have seen that they shoot up fast and can also drop a little when the global demand falls. This is dependent on different factors. But how do you know the price of these fuels? Here are a few tools to help you.


This app was created to enable people to save money and time in petrol stations in the UK. It helps you compare these fuel prices at all major UK petrol stations. Besides checking prices, you get also to review comments from other users. Users can download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Fuel Calculator

Are you terrible at maths? Well, don’t stress yourself. This application is a calculator that was created to help you. In fact it even looks like a calculator. With this application, you will find the fuel consumption of your car, the fuel cost, and the volume. You can download it on Google Play.


According to most users, this is the simplest petrol price comparison app. The application mostly relies on user feedback to enlighten you on the nearest petrol stations and the best prices in the UK. What’s more? The application brings you a map feature so that you can browse in your particular area.


This is among the most important applications for anyone who plans to take a road trip. As the name suggests, it is perfect for road trip enthusiasts. It has a map that includes itinerary suggestions and local guides with stops that will be instrumental in your journey or trip. You will know where all the petrol stations are in any given area.


With access to more than 1350 locations, the app helps you locate the nearest supermarket petrol stations (which tend to be among the cheapest) and the newest fuel prices. The app will help you find low-cost fuel anywhere in the UK.

The best of the rest – other fuel comparison applications

• AutoCare
• SimplyAuto
• Fuel Monitor Pro
• Fuelio
• MPG Calculator UK
• Fillup

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