Let the Train Take the Strain (of Your Car): Five of the Top Car Trains Around the World

Do you enjoy road trips? Are you also an avid railway fan? If so, why not combine both of these passions into a single excursion? There are many trains capable of transporting vehicles in style. Let’s take a look at five of the most well-known services as well as what each has to offer.

The Eurotunnel

Accommodating travellers between the UK and mainland Europe, this train is arguably one of the most popular. Beginning at Folkstone and terminating in Calais, the Eurotunnel is 50 kilometres long and the journey will take approximately 35 minutes.

The Optima Express

This next motorail train takes passengers and cars between Villach, Austria and Edirne, Turkey. Travel times will vary, but most individuals can expect a total duration of approximately 36 hours. The route of just over 1,150 kilometres will provide splendid views of the Central European countryside when travelling through countries including Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria.

SNCF Auto Train

SNCF also provides motorail services throughout France and to many other European destinations. There are also many cross-country routes to scenic locations such as the French Atlantic coast, the Riviera and the norther Alsace region. Note that timetables, routes and distances will vary.

German Motorail

German Motorail is another large company and it offers numerous services. The good news is that there are also plenty of connecting stations outside of Germany itself. Cities include Narbonne and Avignon (France), Verona and Trieste (Italy), and Vienna and Innsbruck (Austria). Of course, the exact travel time will depend upon the route.

The Auto Train

Do you plan on visiting the United States? If so, the famed Auto Train is an option to consider. Beginning at Lorton, Virginia and terminating close to Orlando, Florida, the total distance covered is an impressive 1,376 kilometres. Passengers can expect an average travel time of 17 hours. This long-distance journey will also provide splendid views of the eastern seaboard alongside cities such as Richmond, Selma, Charleston, and Jacksonville. The Auto Train also provides comfortable sleeping quarters as well as a luxurious lounge car.

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