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London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ): What Drivers Need to Know

Similar to many other nations, the United Kingdom is doing its part in order to mitigate the ongoing effects of climate change. This is particularly relevant within major metropolitan areas such as London. While some drivers might be aware of the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), appreciating the finer points is just as important. The professionals at Sell My Car Essex have therefore decided to compile some relevant information so that you can know what to expect in advance.

Important note: this article is based on our research and understanding at the time of writing but please check official sources before making a journey which might be affected.

Where is the ULEZ Located?

One of the most significant changes involves where the Ultra-Low Emission Zone applies. As of 29 August 2023, it now extends to cover all boroughs within the greater London metropolitan area (1). The ULEZ stretches to Enfield in the north as well as to south to Croydon.

What Standards Apply to the ULEZ?

There are three standards which ultimately determine whether or not drivers will be subject to a surcharge when entering the ULEZ: Here is a general breakdown (2):

  • Euro 3 for motorcycles and motorised tricycles.
  • Euro 4 (including petrol-powered cars, vans and minibuses).
  • Euro 6 (applies to diesel-powered cars, vans and minibuses).

Note that some vehicles such as lorries are likely to fall under the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regime which has different charges for vehicles not meeting that scheme’s standards.

What Vehicles Have to Pay a Surcharge?

While the stipulations may very between makes and models, there are some general guidelines to highlight. Those who drive older vehicles (manufactured prior to 2006) that do not comply with Euro 4 emissions standards will often be subject to a ULEZ charge. In terms of diesel vehicles, those manufactured before 2015 could also be obligated to pay a fee when entering the ULEZ (3).

In terms of the cost itself, drivers will be required to pay £12.50 pounds each day if they will be driving within the ULEZ (4). Note that this also applies to vans, tricycles and motorcycles. Those who are curious to learn mor should visit the official Transport for London website.

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