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Ultra-Low Emission Zone ( ULEZ )

From the 25th of October 2021, the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will be expanding to the North Circular ( A406).

The North Circular and South Circular roads themselves are not included in the Zone, so if you are on one of there roads the charges will not apply to you.

The ULEZ zone will operate 24/7 all year except for Christmas Day when it will be free.

What Cars Are Affected

A quick guide is all petrol car registered before 2005 and diesel cars registered 2015 will are liable for a £12.50 daily charge.

There are no exemptions for this living or working in this zone, ULEZ charges will apply to cars that do not meet ULEZ standards.

To check whether your vehicle meets ULEZ standards and whether it could affect yourself, you may visit to check your vehicle and to view a detailed map of the ULEZ.

Why Has Transport For London Introduced ULEZ

Research has identified that car pollution plays a major impact on health, this includes respiratory diseases and the under development of lungs and asthma in children.

Evidence Suggests that in the current ULEZ (in Central London), toxic Nitrogen Dioxide levels have fallen by nearly half in the first year of operation, this has prompted TFL to expand the zone further.

TFL is committed to improving the air quality for London and surrounding areas.

What Can You Do ?

If your car fits in to one of these categories, now might be the time to sell, before the value starts plummeting and your car is only worth a fraction of the price.

Get a free vehicle valuation and find out how much we cold be paying your for your vehicle, simply enter your reg below.