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Winter Weather Motoring in the UK: Expert Driving Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, old man winter is once again knocking at the door. Safety is always a concern when driving on the open road. This mindset can often make the difference between a predictable journey and one fraught with danger. Considering the fact that over 400 accidents occur every year as a direct result of winter weather, it pays to be prepared for what is in store (1). Let’s examine some practical recommendations to adopt at all times.

Embrace Safety Above All

Common sense goes a long way here. It is always better to err on the side of caution; as this attitude can prevent an accident before it ever comes to pass. For example, always wear a seat belt and drive well below the recommended speed limit during winter weather conditions.

Create an Emergency Winter Weather Kit

What would happen in the event that your vehicle breaks down during rainy, icy or snowy conditions? As it may take some time for help to arrive, it is prudent to create an emergency roadside kit. Some of the items which should be contained within this package include (2):

  • Flares
  • A thick wool or cotton blanket
  • Drinking water
  • Physical maps
  • A first-aid kit
  • A torch
  • Jumper cables for your battery

Of course, other pieces of equipment can be included based on your unique travel situation.

Allow Plenty of Time for a Journey

Many winter-related accidents throughout the United Kingdom are due to nothing more than impatience. Even when driving relatively short distances or when tackling a familiar route, always allow extra time to arrive at your destination. This attitude will help to ensure your safety as well as the safety of other travellers.

Steer with Slow and Smooth Movements

This next tip is particularly relevant when driving in icy or snowy conditions. Sudden motions can cause your vehicle to lose control and to begin to slide. Therefore, use slower movements. Furthermore, leave plenty of space between your vehicle and other cars that are sharing the road.

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