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Do Not Part Exchange Your Car With a Dealer Without Taking These Factors Into Account

Do you hope to use the value of your existing car to offset the cost of a new vehicle? This is a common practice throughout the United Kingdom and with a bit of preparation, you can remain assured that the right decisions will be made. Let us examine some areas to address well in advance of the part exchange.

Ensure that the Paperwork is in Order

The dealer will obviously need to be provided with all of the relevant paperwork. Important documentation to possess will include:

  • Your C5V registration
  • The latest MOT inspection certificate
  • Any advisory notes or similar documentation

In the event that the vehicle is soon due for an MOT inspection, it is normally wise to obtain this certification before entering into a part exchange (1).

Maintenance and Visual Aesthetics

The visual appearance of the vehicle in question is just as important as what lies beneath the bonnet. For instance, a car covered in dust and fingerprints may lead the dealer to believe that it has not been properly cared for. It is therefore crucial that an in-depth cleaning is performed immediately prior to the appointment. In the same respect, make certain that all visible elements such as headlamps and taillights are functioning as they should. Most experts recommend leveraging the talents of a professional cleaning service so that nothing is left to chance.

Obtain a Fair and Objective Valuation

This is arguably the most important portion of any part exchange. Let us remember that dealers, understandably, need to think about a profit – that is their business. Therefore, obtaining an accurate valuation should represent a top priority. The good news is that many online services will be able to provide you with a relatively accurate estimate of how much the vehicle is worth. It could still be wise to physically visit a local provider. He or she will be able to take an in-depth look at the vehicle.

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