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Five Must-Have Gadgets to Keep Your Car Clean: Inside and Out

Five Must-Have Gadgets to Keep Your Car Clean: Inside and Out

Keeping your vehicle in top-top shape does not have to represent a complicated process thanks to modern technology. Let’s take a look at five must-have items that will take the guesswork out of the equation.

A Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing beats a handheld vacuum cleaner in terms of sheer convenience. This clever device will help to eliminate dust, grime and similar issues that frequently plague fabrics and interior upholstery.

Leather Care

Many cars boast leather seats and consoles. Unfortunately, this very same high-end material is prone to cracking and fading over time. One of the best ways to protect your leather is to purchase a wipe-on cream. This substance will help to seal in moisture and many modern formulations can block harmful ultraviolet rays.

Rotating Washing Sponge

The team at Good Housekeeping also recommends purchasing a mechanical sponge when cleaning the exterior of your vehicle (1). These handheld rotating devices will provide the mechanical cleaning action that might be difficult to achieve manually. Rotating sponges are also great options if you happen to own more than one vehicle, as they can help to avoid the physical fatigue that you might otherwise encounter.

Console Mounted Trash Bins

Do you take lengthy road trips on a regular basis? Whether for business or for pleasure, the fact of the matter is that trash can quickly accumulate within your vehicle. As opposed to simply tossing rubbish on the floor, why not instead install a wallet-friendly trash bin? These accessories can be quickly mounted on your console and they are well worth the investment.

Clip-On Air Fresheners

Cleanliness involves much more than appearances alone. Foul odours can quickly accumulate within your vehicle; particularly when exterior temperatures begin to rise. The good news is that electronic air fresheners can be attached directly to your dashboard vents. Not only are these items extremely effective, but you can choose from a variety of different aromas.

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