snow on road

Sure-Fire Winter Car Maintenance Tips for UK Drivers

Now that the cold weather is once again upon us, it is important to highlight some of the most effective maintenance strategies to ensure that your vehicle is safe and able to handle potentially inclement weather. The team at Sell My Car Essex has put together a handful of powerful tips so that nothing is left to chance.

Make Certain that All Lights are Functioning Properly

Safety is a primary concern when dealing with challenging winter weather. Visibility is particularly important, so make it a point to check that all headlamps and taillights are functioning properly. Change any bulbs as may be required.

Check Recommended Tyre Inflation Pressures

During snowy or icy conditions, your tyres can have a massive impact upon how the vehicle handles. Not only is it important to check that the treads are intact, but it may be necessary to lower the air pressure. Releasing some of this pressure will provide your tyres with a greater surface area when gripping the road; decreasing the chances of sliding or otherwise losing control.

Flush and Fill Your Antifreeze Reservoir

Automotive experts also recommend flushing out the existing antifreeze of your vehicle and replacing it with an entirely new batch). This is also an excellent time to check for any leaks that might otherwise cause coolant levels to drop. As antifreeze will prevent your engine from ceasing during cold temperatures, always pay attention to internal levels

Inspect the Condition of Your Brakes

To be clear, cold temperatures will not normally affect the physical condition of your brakes. It is still a fact that worn brake pads or rotors can lead to dangerous conditions if your vehicle is suddenly forced to stop. Take some time to visit a professionally qualified mechanic. He or she will be able to quickly determine if any replacements are in order. After all, it is much better to be prepared in advance as opposed to learning that an issue is present when driving on the open motorway.

Of course, there may also be times when you are hoping to upgrade your vehicle before dealing with winter weather conditions. In this case, make it a point to contact the team at Sell My Car Essex. You can obtain a free valuation within minutes and a representative is always standing by if you happen to have any additional questions.