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Five of Britain’s Most Scenic Drives You Must Try…and Why

While Britain might not be an extremely large country, it is often said that the most impressive things come in smaller packages. This is even more relevant when discussing some of the top driving destinations. Let’s take a look at five unique ideas to consider when planning an upcoming road trip as well as what each has to offer.

The North Coast 500

This first recommendation is already a well-known attraction for driving enthusiasts thanks to its sheer length (500 miles) and the sights to behold along the way. Some top spots to highlight include the formidable waters off of Cape Wrath, the quaint village of John o’Groats and majestic Dunrobin Castle (1). Note that this route is associated with challenging driving conditions during the winter, so planning a springtime getaway may be the best option.

The Lake District

It already goes without saying that the Lake District offers some of the most splendid views of nature within the United Kingdom. Due to its size, it could be prudent to plan a shorter journey so that you can take in all of its splendour without worrying about spreading yourself too thin. Many travel experts recommend driving the route between Kendal and Keswick. These towns have always attracted a fair amount of tourists and accommodations abound. This 30-mile journey will likewise enable you to pass by attractions such as the Thirlmere Reservoir and Lake Windermere.

The Cat and Fiddle Drive

Nestled within the Peak District, the well-known Cat and Fiddle is yet another dream destination if you happen to be planning a road trip. Rolling green hills and misty mountain peaks provide a sense of isolation and yet, Greater Manchester is not far off. The Cat and Fiddle could therefore represent an excellent idea if you plan on visiting Manchester and you wish to absorb a bit of nature along the way. A handful of highlights include Poole’s Cavern (a limestone cave that is estimated to be more than two million years old) and Tegg’s Nose Country Park. This park is home to a wide variety of wildlife and picnicking here is common during the spring and the summer.

The Causeway Coastal Route

This next recommendation takes us to the shores of Northern Ireland. At 120 miles long, it is a popular option for anyone who happens to be travelling through Belfast. This causeway displays some of the most stunning views of the coastline and there are many stunning sights to appreciate along the way. Notwithstanding the attractions within Belfast itself, other stops include Glenarm Castle, the Giant’s Causeway and Portstewart Beach (2). If you wish to learn more details such as driving details and the best times of the year to visit, make it a point to visit their official website.

Buttertubs Pass

This final recommendation is once again geared towards nature lovers. Buttertubs Pass is located in Yorkshire Dales and as it featured in the 2014 Tour de France, some of its landmarks may already be familiar. The route itself has also attracted avid fans of driving thanks to its sinuous curves and variable grades. So, be sure to strap on your seatbelt before setting off!

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