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Urban driving, commuting and more – maximising your fuel efficiency with your driving style

With UK fuel prices currently at record highs – and with electric vehicles not immune from a growing cost to fill up – every mile and every penny count. There are some tried and tested methods to improve your driving style to reduce fuel consumption – here are our five top tips to be more fuel efficient:

  • Maintain your Vehicle

Having a vehicle in top working condition can save you fuel; we can easily forget to do this but by remembering you can save money as well as fuel. Check your tyre pressure as under inflated tyres just as overinflated can increase your fuel usage.  Also, a regular check-up of the engine, brake cables and battery can help you be more economic.

  • Speed

Keep a steady speed as much as you can, too much stop starting uses more petrol. If you move too slowly and then have to accelerate quickly this increases your petrol usage. Having as few revs as possible keeps your consumption down. Change gears as quickly as possible making sure you stay within the speed limit.

  • AC and Heating

Try to maintain and steady temperature in your car which is comfortable for you without using the AC and heating, heating uses more fuel than heating so avoiding using this function is the easiest way to save fuel. These both increase fuel consumption massively so if it’s cold outside and you want to stay warm, wrap up and don’t over layer of its warm and have the windows open.

  • Don’t Overload

This is probably the least important but still worth paying attention too. By carrying a lot of people, luggage etc. you are asking your car to work harder so using more fuel.

  • Avoid Roof Racks

By having roof racks (especially if not carrying anything) you are increasing wind resistance so getting the car to work harder and again increasing fuel usage, if they are not needed for a specific purpose, take them off!

Electric vehicles

  • While the above tips all apply to eco-friendly cars too, it’s worth being aware of your cars eco features, which will save your electrical consumption – and fuel if you have a hybrid.
  • Make sure you refer to your car drivers manual and switch to eco mode when you can. When city driving make sure you are using your electric setting if you have a hybrid as this will save you fuel. Also plan your trips if you have a fully electric or hybrid car.
  • Make sure you know where all charging points are on your journey, so you don’t get caught out on the road and if you do have a hybrid you don’t need to dip in to your fuel reserve.

If you have an EV use regenerative braking:

Wherever possible maximise your regenerative braking function when for coming to a stop. This energy recovery system will enable your car’s regenerating settings to send some energy back to the vehicle’s batteries making you more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

In conclusion

Hopefully these fuel friendly tips will help to keep a bit more money in your pocket and not towards the fuel tank.  While switching to electric cars is great for the environment and for your pocket it’s also important to make sure these work for your lifestyle and the area you live in in regard to the availability of charging your vehicle.

Which brings us on to our final point… if you are looking to sell your vehicle, perhaps because it isn’t as energy efficient as you like, get in touch!


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